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HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF ORGANIC FULVIC & HUMIC ACIDS … AEON contains up to 20x more than any other product available. That means 20x more support for your gut and total health!

HEALS & DETOXIFIES YOUR GUT … by promoting a healthy bacterial flora and strengthening your stomach's natural firewall, AEON assists nutrient uptake and the removal of toxins which can help to heal leaky gut and IBS symptoms that probiotics alone cannot accomplish. 

STRENGTHENS IMMUNE SYSTEM … experts agree 80% of your immune system is in your gut. By helping to heal and seal the gut membrane, which plays a huge role in boosting immune function, AEON promotes a healthy and strong immune system.

REDUCES PAIN & INFLAMMATION … our fulivc & humic acid supplement helps to heal leaky gut and prevent toxins from slipping into the bloodstream which can trigger painful inflammatory responses.

VEGAN AND KETO FRIENDLY … not only is AEON 100% Vegan and organic, it compliments the keto lifestyle as well. AEON helps brings you into ketosis faster than without it and provides the necessary minerals, electrolytes and alkaline balance for optimal results. 

GREAT TASTE … most trace minerals supplements leave a terrible earthy aftertaste in your mouth. We’ve designed ours to have a great peppermint taste for easy, stress-free consumption.

30 doses per bottle… full strength Fulivc & Humic acids for 30 days.