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ULTRA CONCENTRATED ORGANIC FULVIC & HUMIC ACIDS … AEON Unique Biome™ is up to 20x more concentrated than any other product available on the market. Contains ionically charged minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients found in nature.

UNIQUE IS2™ PROBIOTIC… we explored over 300 strains to for the ideal probiotic and discovered bacillus coagulans, a soil-based, targeted singe-strain probiotic clinically proven to improve your immune and microbiome. Soil-based probiotics have a natural, seed-like structure that makes them more robust than lacto-based probiotics. Therefore, soil-based probiotics survive the journey through the stomach with the help of far fewer colony-forming units (CFUs) than lactobacillus-based supplements. The special nature of Bacillus coagulans  allows it to withstand stomach acid, bile salts, and pancreatic enzymes that would normally destroy the bacteria from common probiotic supplements and foods.

22 clinical studies can be found --> HERE

HEALS & DETOXIFIES YOUR GUT … by promoting a healthy bacterial flora and strengthening your stomach's natural firewall, AEON Unique Biome™ assists nutrient uptake and the removal of toxins which can help to heal leaky gut and IBS symptoms that probiotics alone cannot accomplish. 

REDUCES PAIN & INFLAMMATION … our Fulivc & Humic acid supplement helps to heal leaky gut and prevent toxins from slipping into the bloodstream which can trigger painful inflammatory responses.

VEGAN AND KETO FRIENDLY - AEON Unique Biome™  is 100% Vegan and organic and it also benefits the keto lifestyle. We only use soil-based probiotics making it completely dairy free.  AEON Unique Biome™  helps brings you into ketosis faster than without it and it provides the necessary minerals, electrolytes and alkaline balance for optimal results.

MIXES INSTANTLY/ZERO TASTE … ultra concentrated formula mixes instantly into water or any cold or hot beverage. Designed to have virtually zero taste for easy, stress-free consumption. Put AEON Unique Biome™ in your morning coffee, juice, greens drink, smoothie or protein shake. It's that easy! 

NO REFRIGERATION … super stable probiotic that withstands most normal temperatures. No need to refrigerate ever! Most lacto-based probiotics are sensitive to heat, even at room temperature. Not AEON Unique Biome™. Take it with you to work, gym or travelling. 

OVER 80+ PLANT-BASED NUTRIENTS - AEON Unique Biome™  contains beneficial natural trace minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, anti-oxidants, amino acids and more.

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