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AEON Is Better Than Just Probiotics

HIGHEST CONCENTRATION OF ORGANIC FULVIC & HUMIC ACIDS … AEON™ contains up to 20x more than any other product available on the market. Contains ionically charged minerals and nutrients found in nature

Unique IS2™ probiotic… a targeted singe-strain probiotic clinically proven to improve your immune and microbiome

HEALS & DETOXIFIES YOUR GUT … by promoting a healthy bacterial flora and strengthening your stomach's natural firewall, AEON™ assists nutrient uptake and the removal of toxins which can help to heal leaky gut and IBS symptoms that probiotics alone cannot accomplish. 

STRENGTHENS IMMUNE SYSTEM … experts agree 80% of your immune system is in your gut. By helping to heal and seal the gut membrane, which plays a huge role in boosting immune function, AEON™ promotes a healthy and strong immune system.

REDUCES PAIN & INFLAMMATION … our fulivc & humic acid supplement helps to heal leaky gut and prevent toxins from slipping into the bloodstream which can trigger painful inflammatory responses.

ZERO TASTE … most trace minerals supplements leave a terrible earthy aftertaste in your mouth. We’ve designed ours to have zero taste for easy, stress-free consumption.

EASY TO USE & MIXES INSTANTLY … ultra concentrated formula mixes instantly into water or any cold or hot beverage.

NO REFRIGERATION … super stable probiotic that withstands most normal temperatures. No need to refrigerate ever!


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