Are Fulvic and Humic Acid the Key to Natural Fat Loss?

Something has happened to the Western diet. It seems every year that more and more people are becoming more and more unhealthy.

Fulvic and humic acid – essential nutrients in our diet since the beginning of time –– used to exist in abundance in the rich topsoil in which we grew our food.

Unfortunately, modern industrialized farming has depleted the fulvic and humic acid deposits in the soil until they are almost non-existent. This depletion, coupled with our reliance on food grown using industrial methods has come at a price: our nutrition is less balanced and we have become more obese.

Fortunately, we can do something about this. Along with a regimen of daily exercise and healthy eating, we can reintroduce those key nutrients that we have lost in our daily diet – fulvic and humic acids taken as supplements. And a key benefit of taking fulvic and humic acid its ability to aid in fat loss.

Billions of dollars are thrown into fad “diet pills” or “skinny teas,” which are just gimmicks and scams that either get you energized (from caffeine), or help with “bloating”.

Both of these can work as aids to weight loss, but neither actually helps you lose fat. Fulvic and humic acid can actually help you lose fat!

Fulvic and humic acid are water soluble “chelating” nutrients, helping transport the necessary nutrients – especially minerals – into the cells in your body using a natural process called chelation

Fulvic and humic acid’s ability to chelate aids in increasing the permeability of your cells wall, and thus increase the flow of nutrients in and out of your cells. (It has a great side benefit that it also flushes out toxins). 

This chelation reaction helps reduce overeating. How? Overeating can stem from many things, and one of them is your cells not getting sufficient nutrients.

If your cells aren’t getting the nutrients, they send a signal to your brain to eat. This is going to continue until your body thinks your cells are getting enough nutrients.

When your body needs more nutrients, it releases naturally occurring neurotransmitters. One of them – neuropeptide Y (or NPY) – sends a message to the brain that more fuel is needed. This could mean that you’re going to be eating more calories than you actually need.

Fulvic and acid – with their ability to transport nutrients into your cells – can help control that neurochemical release because your cells more efficiently absorb the nutrients that are already in your system. Your body won't think it needs more nutrients thus curbing your appetite naturally. And that can result in actual fat loss. Fat loss without stimulants and synthetics.

Think of fulvic and humic acid as nature’s “diet pill.”



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