Doing Acid Is Good For You...(Fulvic Acid That is)

We aren’t talking about microdosing LSD, instead about two important natural superfoods found in nature called humic and fulvic acid.  These are complex structures that contain vital nutrients such as minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics and more.

They were once abundant in the healthy top soil of the earth and took millions of years to be formed through natural processes by which pre-historic plants and earth based organisms formed these beneficial compounds. These acids are vital to plant health and their total nutrient content. Not only do they make plants healthier, stronger and less prone to disease, they do this for humans too!

By increasing the uptake of beneficial nutrients, while simultaneously attaching to and removing damaging toxins, these amazing compounds provide a multitude of health benefits for everyone. 

The agricultural industry has been taking advantage of humic and fulvic acid benefits for many decades. Many farmers have noticed increased crop yields, less diseases and more nutrient dense plants. But how do these acids accomplish this?

It is a complex process because they act in various pathways to health, but to put it simply, it starts at the root. Your gut is basically like the root of a plant. It is were your body derives most of it nutrients from. When compromised, your system does not get the vital components it needs. All the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients like proteins, fats and carbohydrates do not get absorbed efficiently.

When this occurs it can lead to nutrient deficiencies, immune system dysfunctions and diseases. Humic and fulvic acids not only act as a transporter of beneficial nutrients, they also act as a chelator or binder to toxins. They attach to pathogenic molecules (bad things) and flush them out of your system. Part of this process is through their ionic charge which acts like a super magnet to toxic substances like heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) and other harmful molecules. 

So where do you find these acids? They were once abundant in the fruits and vegetables we ate where these plants absorbed them through the soil and passed on these vital nutrients to us.

As previously mentioned, they were once native in fertile top soil. Over farming and environmental factors have lead to a rapid decline in humic and fulvic acids which translates into less vital nutrients in our produce (1 orange 50 years ago is equal to 21 oranges today as an example).  You can look for organic produce grown with them but may be hard to determine or you can easily add them through a nutritional supplement.

As far as human grade versions of humic and fulvic acids go, they can be difficult to source as most on the market are repackaged agricultural grade products. AEON is a novel new supplement on the market that is engineered from the ground up for human consumption.

AEON utilizes ultra-pure nutraceutical grade versions that undergo a patented 2-step, non-chemical extraction and filtration process. The raw materials are sourced from Canadian deposits recognized international as some of the most pure and nutrient dense in the world.

AEON is also manufactured in Canada under Health Canada’s strict regulations where health products require a mandatory license called an NPN which requires each product to be produced under a regulated cGMP protocol and all health claims are verified and proven by science. 

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