At 47, Eddie takes the gold in 3 categories and still finds time to body double "The Rock"!

You may have heard of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but have you heard of Eddie Parinas? If you haven't yet, you probably will. 

Eddie, 47,  just took 1st place in 3 categories at the 6th Annual Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness show on March 23, 2019: Grand Masters, Men's Physique Masters and Men's Physique Open.

He shocked the crowd and the judges with his balance of conditioning and muscle definition. His contagious smile, positive attitude and confidence certainly helped as well. 

When asked asked what some of his secrets to success were, he adamantly said that AEON was critical to his overall pre-contest prep.

Eddie: "I added AEON to my routine and I found it helped with my recovery, endurance and conditioning. I also found AEON boosted all the supplements I already take and even helped me sleep better at night. It seemed to amplify everything I was already doing. Even during dieting, AEON kept my muscles looking full and defined. I have never tried anything like it before"

Eddie leads an extremely busy life. Between his family commitments, contest schedule and personal training he is the Hollywood Body Double for famous stars such as "The Rock". He just completed the movie Skyscraper and is now working on a new spin-off of The Fast and The Furious. His resemblance to Dwayne Johnson is uncanny, but he is a star all on his own. 

Eddie: "I will definitely be keeping AEON in my arsenal for my next contest. I have to compete with guys that are lot younger or more experienced than me. A lot of these guys are jacked! They have good genetics, have a strict diet and train hard. I need to take advantage of things that will boost my results. I love that AEON is natural and easy to take. It makes all my hard work easier."


He is now training for the VanPro in July 2019. Look out, Eddie is here to stay! 

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