Fulvic acid from Canada demonstrated to have effective anti-allergy properties

This scientific study has demonstrated that fulvic acid derived from Canadian deposits have shown to possess potent anti-allergy properties. 

This is good news for the millions of allergy sufferers around the world. This finding represents a new and drug-free form of allergy treatment derived from nature. 

You have probably heard on anti-histamines which are pharmaceuticals commonly found at your local drug store to tame allergies.

But what are histamines?

These are chemicals your immune system makes in reaction to allergic triggers such as pollen, dust, certain foods, and many others. Some of the allergic responses may be individual in nature and specific to only some people.

Over production of histamines leads to bothersome side effects such as itching, hives, rashes, sneezing, tearing, etc. Histamines can also cause unhealthy systemic inflammation that can leave you looking and feeling bloated and puffy.  If you have allergies then you know exactly what we are talking about here.

The study indicates a positive histamine response in the body once the Canadian derived fulvic acid was administered after being exposed to histamine producing elements. 

This leads scientists to conclude that fulvic acid may be an effective from of allergy relief and a natural alternative to drugs and may be useful for the treatment or prevention of allergic diseases.

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