Fulvic acid rich shilajit shown to have promise in treating Type-2 Diabetes


A paper published in the Journal of Diabetic Research outlines some peer-reviewed research on the therapeutic effects of fulvic acids. The papers all focus on fulvic acid's potential benefits in treating chronic inflammation.

"Chronic inflammation" is a catch-all term for a number of ailments. Asthma, ezcema, allergies, arthritis – to name a few. They also cover fulvic acid's beneficial effects on oxidative stress and gut biome composition.

Recent scientific research links inflammation and oxidative stress and changes to gut biome with the emergence Type-2 Diabetes. In one study, shilajit (a traditional source of fulvic acids) was shown to reduce hyperglycaemia in diabetic rats. 

The authors believe that using fulvic acid as a adjunct to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) now commonly prescribed to many patients with Type-2 Diabetes. 

The researchers state:

"FvA [ed. - fulvic acid] might fit as an adjunct treatment to reduce markers of oxidative stress and inflammation as FvA can act in a similar manner to NSAIDs [20]. FvA might also reduce oxidative damage and increase antioxidant enzymes like SOD, CAT, and GPx [33]. Beta cells, which are responsible for insulin production, undergo oxidative damage during T2DM [51]. Protecting the redox state of beta cells may prove beneficial in preventing T2DM. Lastly, patients with T2DM are found with a change in gut microbial composition, and FvA may influence the bacterial community [34]".

The paper is very technical, but in plain language - fulvic acid is shown to have potential in reducing the chemicals that the body produces when it is under oxidative stress and inflammation. Both are indicators of Type-2 Diabetes. Furthermore, they state that changes gut biome composition is strongly linked to this ailment – and that fulvic acid treatment may help in bringing your gut biome back into balance. 

We at AEON believe that more studies like this should performed to further validate the wide-ranging therapeutic potential of fulvic acid. Due to global changes in diet, lifestyle, and environment, there is a rapidly growing population of people who now suffer from Type-2 Diabetes. Odds are, one of your loved ones is among them. 

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