Fulvic and humic acid for hair treatment?

This recent study our of Argentina (Cisterna, Bovcom) studied the use of peat as a topical treatment for hair. Peat is a mixture of various organic and inorganic substances that form in the incomplete decomposition of plant matter. And if you have been following this blog for a while, you will know that this decomposition is the natural mechanism for the creation of fulvic and humic acids (which are the primary ingredients in our own product AEON). 

The researchers made an extract of peat from the west Patagonian region of Junk Carex and applied it to human subjects.  And the results are promising.

The authors state:

"Peat's acidic complex composition is rich in humic and fulvic acids and minerals which brings benefits to the scalp biology, simulating horny layers cells renovation, regulating scalp pH, controlling seborrhea/water ratio and enhancing microcirculation."

They conclude:

"Peat chemistry is a natural source of active molecules useful for hair cosmetic and scalp health treatments. Though peat is applied for many dermatological and cosmetic treatments, elucidation of their exact composition in extracts is still unclear. Further studies need to be performed in order to learn from their action mechanisms and to compare the beneficial results with placebo".

Very promising indeed.

We here at AEON will keep a close watch on further developments in this area. Would you like us to develop a hair treatment product based on our patented fulvic and humic extracts? Let us know. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@true.aeon) and leave us a note. 


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