AEON Humic & Fulvic Acid Supplement Cuts Through Your Brain Fog!

Are you looking for something to cut through that cognitive fuzz?

Do you forget where you put your keys, someones name, or an appointment? Maybe you just feel a little “out of it” sometimes? These can be signs of  the dreaded “brain fog” that many regular people suffer from.

It’s goes without saying that everyone wants to keep their brain healthy, focused and active.

The ability to think clearly, remember and learn is directly related to cognitive health. Genetics can play a part in cognitive health but this is only part of the picture.

Your overall cognitive function is correlated to your ability to absorb and process nutrients. Perhaps more importantly is the removal of toxins trapped in your brain and body. 

Today there are many supplements on the market that promise to help enhance focus, bring clarity and ensure you stay mentally sharp throughout the day.

Some are merely stimulants which emulate enhanced cognition with no real long term benefits. 

So what’s the solution?

Humic and fulvic acids are rapidly being recognized as some of the key elements in many outstanding health and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century that can boost and improve cognitive health.

Fulvic acid functions as a nutrient source and transporter by helping your body to absorb nutrients from your diet that are connected to improved memory and brain function.

Humic acid has been shown attach and bind to harmful toxins such as heavy metals and other pathogenic materials.

When combined, these two natural compounds can cross the blood brain barrier and provide a cognitive “1-2 punch”. 

By increasing the beneficial nutrients in the brain while simultaneously removing toxins, these acids could be your answer to a highly functioning brain.

When it comes to aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s can be a major concern. A series of recent scientific studies found that fulvic acid has several antioxidant and neuro-protective properties with potential activity to alleviate cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s disease.

A contributing factor to the development of some cognitive disorders is free radical damage and a type of protein called tau. Studies show that fulvic acid helps lower the length of tau fibrils and their morphology, disassembling their performance and stopping disease progression. Impressive!

Ok, so where do you find humic and fulvic acids?

They were once contained in our fruits and vegetables but due to the Earth’s top soil degeneration, they are now barely detectable. You can grow you own produce organically in highly fertile top soil with humic and fulvic acid added or you can supplement them.

This is where AEON really shines. It is naturally sourced in Canada in pristine deposits and manufactured under strict Health Canada guidelines.

It is engineered as a human grade nutraceutical with all health claims verified by science as required by the Canadian government.

AEON is different from many supplements of its kind as it undergoes patented and laborious processes to ensure purity, quality and efficacy.

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