Is The Natural Substance Fulvic Acid Effective Against Cancer? Science Says Yes. [UPDATED July 8, 2022]

Fulvic acid has been a hot topic lately in the fight with cancer. There are so many scientific studies suggesting that this natural substance can help (see scientific references below).

In these modern times the risk has become greater and greater, so it only makes sense to start being more preventive rather than being reactive. 

How Does Fulvic Acid Help Fight Cancer?

Fulvic Acid has been shown to have multiple anti-cancer mediating properties. Scientific studies demonstrate its ability to limit and block the spread of cancer cells. Trials also show that fulvic acid may even stop the mutation of healthy cells. 

These attributes have been displayed by discovering, testing, proving and documenting several of the mechanisms by which fulvic acid works with the body.

Testing has shown fulvic acid to selectively seek-out and destroy cancer cells.

Fulvic acid fights cancer


Mechanism Of Action Further Explained 

It has been found that naturally-occurring humic acid preparations such as fulvic acid can stimulate the production of cytokines, including interferon-gamma, interferon-alpha, interferon-beta, and tumour necrosis factor-alpha.

What this means is that a valid mechanism has been discovered, proven, tested and documented. This displays that humic extracts have the ability to work with the body to effectively combat cancer cells.

More studies are being conducted and the current research looks promising, so keep an eye out for more news on fulvic acid. 

Where Can You Find Fulvic Acid?

Humic substances, like fulvic acid, used to be abundant in our topsoil and produce. Unfortunately they are now barely detectable due to industrial agriculture practices, overarming and environmental factors such as acid rain.

fulvic acid miracle

The good news is that they are still contained deep within the earth where they can be mined, extracted and purified.

AEON is a nutraceutical version of organic humic and fulvic extracts derived from the Earth that have just been made available on the market.  

Good health all starts with your gut. 80% of your immune system cells are located and created there. An optimized immune system is critical for every aspect of your wellbeing.

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ScienceDirect -

Fulvic acid promotes extracellular anti-cancer mediators from RAW 264.7 cells, causing to cancer cell death in vitro

Statistics from the National Cancer Institute.

•Anti cancer mediator: Jayasooriya RG et al.

A study done in 1988 by Shenyuan Yuan et al. demonstrated a 100% success rate in preventing tumour progression into the cancerousstate when treated for two years with a humic extract solution.

Outpatient medical hospital study Shenyi et al;

Humic acid in Jiangxi Province, 1 (1982) Showed that injection with a special humic extract was 90% successful in stopping tumour growth and diminishing size of tumours, with 80% of patients having complete cures.

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