Shilajit is great, but is it BULLETPROOF?

If you are following a BULLETPROOF® lifestyle, then mycotoxins should be on your priority watch list. Even if you don’t know about mycotoxins, you should. They are described in wikipedia as a toxic secondary metabolite produced by organisms of the fungus kingdom and is capable of causing disease and death in both humans and other animals. 


Mycotoxins can be found in many consumable products such as coffee, fruits, vegetables and many other common foods. Scary! 



Shilajit is an important component of Ayurvedic medicine. Ancient Indian texts mention this medicinal substance over 3000 years ago. Reported benefits include longevity, rejuvenation, healing, anti-aging, energy, improved gut function, optimized immunity and enhanced brain function.


The Sherpas in the Himalayan region of Asia consume Shilajit as part of their regular diet to keep them resilient and healthy while living in the mountains. They observed apes consuming this tar-like substance and noticed the primates that ate Shilajit were stronger, smarter and lived longer than those that didn’t. 




Recent scientific studies demonstrate that the active component of Shilajit is actually fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is also contained in special deposits in special areas around the world.


Most notably are Alberta, New Mexico and Hungary. These deposits are well known for their high nutrient density and purity.


 The downside of Shilajit is its mycotoxin content


Unfortunately, Shilajit is on the BULLETPROOF® blacklist. Studies indicate that consumption without proper purification and extraction may lead to risks of intoxication given the presence of mycotoxins, heavy metals, and free radicals. 


Recent research indicates that several Ayurvedic products on the market including Shilajit may contain detectable heavy metals levels as lead, mercury, and arsenic. 


Shilajit also has other major challenges such as taste, smell, solubility and most importantly consistency of fulvic acid content. Some products claim 2-8% and some even claim 60%. Most of the products tested were in the single digits. 


 The newest Shilajit alternative with zero mycotoxins 


AEON is a purified source of beneficial fulvic acids derived from a pristine deposit in Alberta Canada. AEON not only contains zero mycotoxins, it has been shown to combat them. It has the amazing ability to bind to these toxins, neutralize them and then shuttle them right out of your system.


The ingredients in AEON are so effective that many counties are studying them for its special ability to neutralize pathogens (bad things!) such as the HIV virus and the flu.


Find out about AEON and how it can help keep your system optimized and detoxified at our blog


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