Shilajit tastes like Shi****t, but it works! Meet "The Destroyer of Weakness".

Shilajit tastes like, well shilajit. This gooey, tar-like substance has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for its adaptogenic properties.


Shilajit has garnered a fairly significant body of scientific research for its impact on various body systems and its various health benefits.

Shilajit has been called or loosely translated to "the destroyer of weakness" in ancient texts. This is because it has been used in antiquity as a "cure all" of sorts.

Its has been used for:

  • increasing energy
  • fighting viruses
  • managing pain and inflammation
  • heal the GI tract and nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • support muscle and skeletal health
  • balance electrolytes 
  • enhance brain health
  • assisting cardiovascular health
  • fertility
  • more...

Before you write it off as "snake oil", please read on.

So shilajit has a broad spectrum of benefits. What's the problem?

When you are considering a new supplement, its unlikely the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a jar of black, messy, and stinky tar-like goo.

Shilajit does have some challenges:

  • tastes "earthy"
  • smells "funky"
  • may contain mycotoxins 
  • does not mix well in water
  • low fulvic acid content 
  • inconsistent results 

What is a better solution? 

The main active ingredient is fulvic acid. This study shows that shilajit contains 0.96% fulvic acid, but you may see claims of higher percentages in some brands.

    Fulvic acid has been a hot topic not only in the natural health and wellness fields, but also the pharmaceutical industry.

    There are currently hundreds of scientific studies that validate fulvic acid's health benefits in all living species from plants, to animals and for humans of course. 

    Google scholar lists about 23,000 studies on fulvic acid and humans.

    A purified extract of fulvic acid like AEON may be the better choice.

    AEON first isolates the main compound that is responsible for the benefits of shilajit, then only uses the lower weight nanoparticles of fulvic acid allowing it to have zero taste and mix instantly in water.  

    More importantly it uses 100% fulvic acid as compared to 0.96% in shilajit.

    These nanoparticles of fulvic acid have a substantially higher absorption and assimilation rate when compared to "regular" versions.

    They also cross the blood brain barrier more efficiently, allowing the benefits of nutrient transport, heavy metal chelation and amyloid plaque reduction to reach your brain. Science has demonstrated fulvic acids ability to help fight Alzheimer's disease.

    Many fulvic acids on the market can be AG or agricultural grade not fit for human consumption. The main reason companies are selling this lower grade version is unfortunately to cut corners.

    Nutraceutical versions take many further steps to extract, purify and filter fulvic acids.

    AEON was designed as a nutraceutical version of fulvic acid intended only for human consumption. The source deposits are from pristine areas in Canada that are well known for their high nutrient density and purity.

    Fulvic acids have a lot of benefits. Learn more at our blog.



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