21 Oranges Today=1 Orange Just 50 Years Ago. Is Humic and Fulvic Acid Missing In Today's Fruits and Vegetables?

In 1936, the 2nd Session of the 74th Congress of the United States Senate was warned that the American people faced major mineral depletion due to “modern” farming methods.

Research indicates a massive decline in vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as humic and fulvic acids in our produce which are all critical to your overall health and vitality.

An elaborate research report for The Organic Center by Brian Halweil details the state of nutrition in todays produce. 

This report outlines the challenges with todays industrial agriculture practices and how it affects the nutrient content of our fruits and vegetables.


Over farming and the quest for bigger crop yields at the expense of nutrient content has become a problem. Today's produce look like fruits and vegetables, but they actually contain far less beneficial nutrients than nature intended.

A good example are oranges. You would need 21 oranges today to equal the nutrient content of just 1 orange 50 years ago.

The topsoil has become depleted and valuable nutrients and soil based micro organisms have become almost undetectable. 

Humic and fulvic acids, which are now barely detectable, are crucial for the assimilation, transport and absorption of beneficial nutrients into the crops and subsequently into your body. This may cause imbalances and deficiencies if not addressed in the long term.

Organic produce may be a good start but it can be difficult to ascertain beneficial nutrient levels due to different agricultural methods.

A simple solution is to reintroduce them with a health supplements such as AEON. This takes the guesswork out when selecting your fruits and vegetables and helps you to absorb all their nutrients as nature intended. 


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