Worried about BPA and other toxic plastics? Fulvic acid may be able to help

Like you, we worry about the effects of toxic and mutagenic effects of plastics in our food and drinking water supply. We go out of our way to purchase drinking bottles and food containers that do not contain plastics such bisphenol-A, commonly known as BPA. Other plastic micro-pollutants have similar detrimental effects to our health and wellness - such as chloroxylenol (PCMX) and carbamazepine (CBZ).

But despite all of our individual efforts, the food industry will not allow us a plastic free life. The industry makes liberal use of BPA and other plastics in their industrial processes: it lines the tubing, the containers, and the cooking vessels that make some of your food. 

The authors of this scientific paper  tested how fulvic acid may reduce the absorption of these toxic plastics and the results are very promising! 





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