You Are What You Absorb! Boost Metabolism and Fix Leaky Gut With AEON Humic & Fulvic Acid Supplement

Boost your metabolism and immune system while fixing leaky gut syndrome

So you are eating all the right foods and taking the best supplements on the market, but is there a chance you’re not absorbing what you think.

Imagine that? You are diligent with your diet, you shop organically, you are nutritional supplement savvy but yet there’s a possible bottleneck you may not have thought of that is keeping you from optimal health.  

The digestive system is a complex one. Once you swallow food and supplements your digestive bacteria and enzymes work to break them down into usable molecules. That is only part of the process. Once broken down they now need to be transported into your cells to be utilized properly.

It’s difficult to know the amount of nutrients your body actually absorbs from your diet, but generally it ranges from 10-90% depending on your digestive health and other factors such as medications, exposure to environmental toxins and certain diseases. 


The malfunction of tight junctions in the stomach is what can cause leaky gut syndrome and may you sick and tired.

Nutrients are then supposed to be absorbed by the intestinal lining and this is were things become critical. If your ability to absorb nutrients is compromised at this stage they will not likely be transferred into the bloodstream and distributed for use or storage as they should.

This is where the term tight junctions come into play which are are essentially the stomach’s gateways to absorption of your nutrients.  These tight junctions are so important to your gut health and immune system that if they stop working properly you will likely get sick and your blood stream will fill up with toxins.

Fulvic acid is a nutrient supercharger and leaky gut solution.

Fulvic acid has 3 distinct mechanisms that help nutrient absorption: 

  1. Repairs your digestive system by optimizing tight junctions - the gateway to your system 
  2. Replenishes healthy nutrients, enzymes and healthy bacterial floras through its unique nutrient profile
  3. Makes beneficial nutrients more bioavailable by attaching to them through a strong ionic charge and acting as magnet and a transport system to your cells

What this means is fulvic acid superchargers your nutrient absorption and also increases the efficiency of protein, carbohydrate and fat utilization. On top, it can also increase the absorption of all the health supplements you already take like vitamins, minerals, greens, creatine, protein powders and more.

One fulvic acid molecule is capable of transporting 60x its weight in minerals and trace elements directly into our cells.

Where do you find these fulvic acids? 

Nature had once supplied them through our topsoil and it was then passed on through our consumed produce. Times have changed and so has the nutrient profile of our soil and foods. They no longer contain active amounts of these natural substances and now produce has less nutrient content then before. 

The AEON difference 

This is where AEON really shines. It uses 100% natural fulvic and humic acids in it’s formula. Unlike many agricultural grade products on the market, AEON is  nutraceutical grade made strictly for human consumption.

AEON undergoes a patented process that renders only the most absorbable low molecular weight and nano-particle sized molecules, so they can pass through your cells easily and transport nutrients quickly.

By adding AEON to your daily routine, you are optimizing all your hard work and the supplements you already take. 

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